Bamboo Sheets, Duvets & Towels


Comfortable, Sensual, Natural, Ecological, Affordable

It’s Time To Change Your Bedding


Bamboo sheets from this Bamboo-For-Life store are of the highest quality, the most luxurious and are the environmentally conscious choice in luxury bedding as well as bamboo towels and bamboo duvets. With professional, personal service, we make upgrading your linens the most practical and sensual investment you can make in your bedroom and bath.

  • Bamboo Duvet Cover Colors: Mocha/Ivory

    Bamboo Duvet Cover: Mocha/Ivory Reversible

  • Bamboo Duvet Cover Colors: Champagne/Ivory

    Bamboo Duvet Cover: Champagne/Ivory Reversible


Comfortable, Sensuous, Bamboo Bed Sheets, Towels and Duvets.


Look around the shop, pick what you want, choose size and color and head for the checkout. If you have any questions or checkout issues, please feel free to call me, Jim, at: 888 224-9458 (cell). I am here to help.      

Bamboo Towels and Washcloths

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Duvet Covers

Bamboo Duvet Covers


Why bamboo?

It’s the environmental choice:

Bamboo for Life bedding, towels and duvets are made from Bamboo fabric spun from 100 % Bamboo Viscose Rayon. The bamboo fiber woven into Bamboo for Life products come from fast growing, organic bamboo groves that are part of an ancient biotic community of birds and animals. Bamboo fabric is environmentally friendly because it’s never sprayed with pesticides or fertilized with chemicals. It grows quickly (up to 36 inches per day!), so harvesting causes no destruction of old-growth bamboo.

It’s the healthy choice:

Bamboo bedding is antimicrobial and highly resistant to dust mites and bacteria, making it perfect for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. It wicks the moisture away from the skin, repels body odor and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable. It launders easily and lasts a lifetime.

It’s the sexy choice:

You spend a third of your life in bed and you deserve the best quality sheets, pillowcases and duvets possible. You want bedding that’s comfortable, sensual and soft as silk. You want value, affordability, practicality and quality.

  • Bamboo for Life Bed Sheets are more comfortable, natural and affordable than the best quality Egyptian cotton. They provide the softness and structure of cotton, but at higher, more affordable quality. A 300-thread count bamboo fabric feels more luxurious than 1500-thread count Egyptian cotton. They provide the luxury of silk, but without the expense and slippery feeling.
  • Bamboo for Life Duvet Covers  are sophisticated, subtle, fully reversible and lightweight. They’re designed to adjust to your temperature – cool when you’re warm, warm when you’re cool and always luxurious. Their invisible zipper allows easy access plus protection from dust mites, soil and allergens.
  • Bamboo for Life Towels  turn your bath or shower into retreat when you wrap yourself in soft, absorbent and beautiful bamboo.

Are you ready to change your sheets and upgrade your bedding, towels and robe? Bamboo for Life is ready to help you.

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