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Bamboo Laundering & Care

Laundering Bamboo Linens: Care and Tips

  • bamboo linens are best  washed  in cold water
  • It’s OK to  spot remover (chlorine free) on any stains and then you can wash as normal.
  • Dry your sheets on low heat and remove them immediately
  • We don’t recommend dryer sheets , fabric softener or bleach

It’s best to launder your bamboo linens in cold water and keep the heat low on your dryer. If you launder bamboo linens in hot water, you will increase the  the likelihood of the fabric pilling.

Bamboo sheets are  anti bacterial, naturally. Bamboo fabric is so soft, hot water isn’t necessary. If you want to launder  your linens “specially clean”,you can  launder using  warm water and some diluted bleach (chlorine free).

When you remove your bamboo sheets from the washing machine, they might have a stiff feel, a little like canvas. When you put  the sheets into the dryer they’ll come out soft and sensuou. You might find some shorter bamboo fibers in the lint trap when they are first run through the dryer. That’s normal, your sheets are just getting even softer

Your sheets might get soft wrinkles after they’ve been slept on. The standard way to prevent this is to treat  sheets with formaldehyde, or some anti wrinkle chemical or with a flame retardant agent. We don’t do that to keep our linens as organic as we can. Some people will be allergic to these chemicals.When the sheets are run through the laundry, the wrinkles will come out.

If your sheets are wrinkled because you dry your sheets on a clothes line, or maybe you don’t get the sheets out of the dryer for a while, or maybe the sheets are not quite dry, you can run them through the dryer on high heat for just a few minutes, 5-10, to get the wrinkles out of them.

You can use a chlorine free, non bleach stain remover to remove stains. Let them sit a few minutes then launder them normally.

You’ll find that bamboo sheets and pillowcases can be ironed, if you like to iron your linens. It’s OK to use a higher heat and stem.

The best way to launder a bamboo blanket is to use a lingerie bag. If your blanket has a snag, just stretch out the weave, don’t cut it. If you find a snag in a bamboo towel, it’s OK to cut it.

Linens made of bamboo are best washed in cold water and tumble dried on low heat. Washing bamboo fabric in hot water increases the likelihood of pilling.

Bamboo sheets are naturally anti-bacterial. When bamboo sheets are removed from the washer they might feel a bit stiff, like canvas fabric. Bamboo blankets are best washed in a lingerie bag.

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