Hotel Furnishings

Less it be stated that we don’t serve our patrons, our team checked out the designs at the high-end hotels that were reserved for a trip. We just arrange stays in the best hotels, VIP has to indicate something, nowadays! Thus, while we were previewing the rooms, I checked those furnishings that might be of […]

Bamboo Bed Sheets: Sweet Dreams!

Hi Jim,  I promised to let you know how the bamboo bed sheets are so here it is!   These sheets are amazing!!!  I followed the washing instructions and I cannot believe how soft and satiny they were after the first wash with hardly no lint nor shrinkage.  The second time I washed them I decided […]

Order Arrived Today – So Quickly

Hi Jim – the order arrived today – so quickly.  Thank you.  The sheets are wonderful.  I am replacing a very expensive set of sheets that I ordered and waited months for.  The first time they were used, they stained easily and were very wrinkled all the time.  Your bamboo luxury sheets are much nicer […]

Bamboo Laundering & Care

Laundering Bamboo Linens: Care and Tips bamboo linens are best  washed  in cold water It’s OK to  spot remover (chlorine free) on any stains and then you can wash as normal. Dry your sheets on low heat and remove them immediately We don’t recommend dryer sheets , fabric softener or bleach It’s best to launder […]

Nice and Soft

The bamboo rayon sheets are nice and soft but not on the bed just yet.  We’ll know tonight! I was pleasantly surprised by the cleaning instructions, I thought they would be more difficult to maintain. Richard, California BFL Products:     Bamboo Sheets Bamboo Duvet Covers Bamboo Towels Bamboo Pillowcases Articles:    Organic bamboo Sheets Bamboo […]

I LOVE bamboo rayon sheets

Kelly:  Thank you sooo much for all your help! I LOVE these bamboo rayuon sheets and will definitely be ordering from you again! I don’t think my mother in law has ever felt bamboo luxury sheets so I’m excited to see what she thinks 🙂 Thanks again Jim:  Glad to be of assistance. Lucky mother-in-law. […]