Bamboo Fabric Care

Bamboo Care, Instructions and Tips:

  • Always wash in cold water.
  • A chlorine free stain remover may be sprayed directly on stubborn stains.
  • Tumble dry on low heat, remove immediately.
  • Bleach, fabric softener and dryer sheets are not recommended.
  • Additional Tips:

Bamboo linens are best cared for by washing in cold water and drying on low, which will also add longevity to your linens.  Bamboo fibers are shorter than cotton, so washing in hot water can cause the linens to pill.

Because bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial; there is no need to worry that washing in cold water won’t thoroughly clean your linens.  Bleach is also not needed, and fabric softener is not recommended as it will leave a film on the surface of the fabric. You may occasionally wash on warm with a diluted chlorine free bleach if you feel you’d like to get them ‘extra’ clean and fresh!

When you take your bamboo sheets out of the washer they will feel a bit stiff, almost like a canvas fabric, and that is normal!  When they come out of the dryer they are back to a puffy cloud of softness…. very fascinating material!   Don’t be surprised if you have a little extra lint in the dryer the first couple of washings, as some of the short fibers will release, making them even softer. Bamboo can get soft wrinkles as you sleep on them, as we have not coated our linens with the wrinkle-resistant chemical: formaldehyde.  We have also not treated them with flame retardant chemicals as many people are allergic to those toxins.

If you weren’t able to take the linens out of the drier immediately, it is fine to use high heat for 10 minutes to fluff them smooth again, you may also do this if drying on low did not get the last of the dampness out.

If you get a stain you may spray a bit of bleach free spot remover directly onto the stain, let sit for a moment and then wash.  You can also use a little paste of baking soda applied directly to the stain.

If you are so inclined to iron your linens, you will be pleasantly surprised as they iron like a dream!  You may even use high heat and steam.

Our blankets are a fabulous softly woven fabric, and if you see a snag you can gently pull on either side of the weave and work the snag out until its smooth. We recommend washing the blanket in a lingerie bag.

if your towel develops a snag, simply snip it off with sharp scissors and it will not continue to snag

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