Bamboo FAQ

What Size is the Bedding?

The sheets sizes are as follows:
Ca King:       Flat Sheet: 110”x113”, Fitted Sheet: 72”x84”, 2 Pillowcases: 21”x40”
Split King: 1 Flat sheet: 116”x109”, 2 Fitted Sheet: 39”x80”, 2 Pillowcases: 21”x40
King:              Flat Sheet: 116”x109”, Fitted Sheet: 78”x80”, 2 Pillowcases-:21”x40”
Queen:          Flat Sheet: 97”x109”, Fitted Sheet: 60”x80”, 2 Pillowcases: 21”x34”
Full:                Flat Sheet: 87”x103”, Fitted Sheet: 54”x75”, 2 Pillowcases: 20”x30”
Twin XL:      Flat Sheet-71”x106”, Fitted: Sheet: 39”x80”, 1 Pillowcase: 20”x30”
Twin:              Flat Sheet-72”x97”, Fitted Sheet: 39”x75”, 1 Pillowcase: 20”x30”

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How deep is the pocket on the fitted sheets?
Answer-  The sheets have corners and sides that are 18” deep. They have elastic running around the entire edge. Competitors sheets often have elastic just at the corners. The fitted sheet will fit and stay snug on both a Tempurpedic or a pillow-top mattress.

How do you launder bamboo sheets?
Answer-The best way to launder bamboo sheets is to wash them in cold water and dry them on low heat. If you wash your sheets in this manner, your sheets should give you 3-5+ years of service. Using hot water and high drying heat might cause the fabric to pill. Pilling is the bumps that you might have seen on sweaters. Bamboo fabric naturally resists odor. You don’t need to add bleach to the wash water to kill bacteria. This is a plus for your health and for the environment.

Do bamboo sheets shrink?
Answer- New sheets might shrink just a little bit when first laundered. We sew the sheets just a little big on purpose to account for this minor shrinking. It’s best to wash the sheets before their first use. This will get the size correct, make them fit just right and will soften the sheets for their first use. (You don’t need to wash the duvets before you put them on your bed.)

If I do wash the sheets in hot water and dry them hot, what will happen?
Answer-The sheets will be fine, though you may shrink them just a bit. Done repeatedkly, you might cause the fabric to pill.

How long will the sheets and pillowcases last?
Answer-Typically, if the sheets are used continuously, you’ll get 3 years of use before they start to show some wear and about 5 years if you rotate them with other sheets.

Do the colors fade?
Answer-The dye we use is a reactive dye,  so the colors don’t fade.

Can I get extra  pillowcases?
Answer-We supply pillowcases separately for purchase, in addition to the pillowcases that come with the sheet set. Look under the p[pillowcases tab to order. You can order extras in the same color as the sheets or in different colors for variety and contrast.

How do your prices compare to the other bamboo bedding suppliers?
Answer-The prices on our sheets are the lowest in the country for sheets of this quality, of 100% bamboo, with the twill weave at 300 thread count. Plus we offer multiple colors and sizes. Such a Deal!

Can I dry these sheets on a clothes line, outside?
Answer-Yes, ecologic sheet drying is just fine. You might want to through them in the dryer for 5 minutes on high to soften them up.

How much do these sheets wrinkle?
Answer-You might get a soft wrinkle after sleeping on them. But, you won’t get the hard creases that you get with cotton sheets.

Can bamboo sheets be ironed?
Answer-Yes, bamboo sheets can be ironed, even on high heat with steam. You couild also, just turn the heat up to high on your dryer for the last 10 minutes (helpful if you forget to take them out). This will make them smooth.

Will oily skin stain bamboo sheets?
Answer-If they do stain, spray them with oxi-clean, or use a chlorine free stain remover on the stain, or use a paste mixture of baking soda on the stain and then wash them as you always do.

I sleep hot and my partner sleeps cool, how does that work under the same sheets?
Answer-That’s where the thermal regulating properties of bamboo fiber kicks in. If one of you are hot, the micro-spaces and gaps in the fibers open up to release heat, but if you are cooler, the fibers over you will close down, keeping you warm. It’s pretty amazing!

What detergent is recommended?
Answer-You don’t need to use anything special,  but we do recommend a more gentle detergent.

Will these sheets slip off the bed?
Answer-These sheets get softer and cozier when they are laundered, they aren’t slippery like satin bedding is.

My mattress is 22” thick, will they fit?
Answer-The bottom, fitted sheet is 18” deep. They will fit the 22” mattress, if the mattress has a pillow-top top and bottom. You tuck the bottom of the sheet into the upper groove of the bottom pillow-top. If the mattress doesn’t have the pillow-top feature, they won’t be able to tuck under the mattress.

Why are Egyptian cotton sheets so high a thread count? 
Answer-How is thread count measured? A 300 thread count means there are 300 threads per inch.  If you wove a fabric with 600 individual threads per inch, the threads would have to be half as thick, in order to fit in the same space as the thread used for a 300 thread count weave. So that would mean the the fabric, your sheets, would have to be very thin and fragile. What is done with cotton sheets is produce a very thin thread and weave with, say 4 threads, at a time into a 300 thread count pattern. Then the  manufacturer can claim a 1200 thread count, but it’s still a 300 thread count weave! It’s a bit of slight of hand as customers equate high thread count with high quality. Cotton thread isn’t that smooth, so by using this weaving method, the cotton sheet manufacturers can get cotton as smooth as they can get it. Cotton will never match bamboo for smoothness and sensuousness. Bamboo is just sexier than cotton.

I have night sweats, perspiration, hot flashes. Will bamboo sheets help?
Answer-Today I received an email from a recent customer.  Here it what he said:    Dear Jim:  We have put the bamboo linens to the test and they are nice.  They are comfortable but most importantly they dry out almost instantly from the moisture of sweating, and that’s what we wanted.   Thanks.  J.S.   That’s the wicking power of bamboo sheets, they wick the moisture away from your skin.

My sleeping companions are cats and dogs. Will their hair stick to the bamboo sheets?
Answer-Bamboo doesn’t snag, so it picks up less pet hair. The hair will come off when you lander the sheets, or a lint roller should remove pet hair. Plus, bamboo fabric is resistant to soaking up odors and is anti-bacterial, unlike cotton. This helps with pet odors.

How is fabric made from bamboo?
Answer-Bamboo, in it’s raw form, is great for fishing rods, flooring and  chopping blocks. To turn it into fabric it needs to be converted into thread. The bamboo is harvested, stripped of leaves and shredded. This material is converted into a viscous material, viscose, using an eco-friendly ‘closed-loop’ process. This viscose is used to create rayon thread. The thread is then woven into a plush, sensuous, luxury fabric, softer than the finest cotton and as smooth and sexy as silk or cashmere.

What is Viscose? 
Answer-Viscose is the soluble form of bamboo that is converted into thread.

What is Rayon?  
Answer-Rayon is thread or fabric that is derived from cellulose, viscose. Our sheets are made of rayon from bamboo fiber cellulose. Bamboo fabric is sometimes called viscose, sometimes called rayon and sometimes called viscose rayon.

What is organic about bamboo?
Answer-Twenty five percent of pesticides produced by chemical companies are applied to cotton.  That’s because lots of  bugs, including weevils, love to eat cotton.  After cotton is harvested the fields are often  burnt to kill the larvae, etc that are  in the soil. Cotton  agriculture is an environmental mess.  Bamboo is grown right where it evolved eons ago. It’s  adapted to it’s environment. It doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers. The forest is harvested incrementally as the shoots come up and mature on about a five year schedule. The forest isn’t clear cut or burnt. It leaves a home for the animals that have lived there for centuries.

How does a bamboo stalk become so soft as a bamboo sheet?
Answer-The bamboo stalk is pulverized into a pasty pulp. This pulp is processed and turned into a thread that is as fine and as round as human hair which is then used to create a fabric that is smooth and sensuous.


Are there ties in the corners of the duvets?
Answer-We tried that and found that the comforter still sagged in the duvet’s middle. Just give your duvet a good shake, weekly and that will recenter the comforter in the duvet.

Does the duvet need washing before it’s first use?
Answer-You can place the duvet right on the bed when you receive it. You might want to throw it in the dryer, on high, for a few minutes to remove the creases from being packaged and shipped?

What goes into the duvet-comforter-cover
Answer-Either a down comforter or one of polyifill, a blanket or a quilt or maybe an afghan? Anything, depending on your taste and climate. You might use a down comforter in the winter and a blanket in the summer. It might depend, too, on what temperature you set your thermostat to, at night?

I have a California king comforter, will it fit in a king sized duvet?
Answer-The Cal King comforter will fit, it is a bit narrower and longer. You will have a little extra drape at the sides of the bed.

What about weave?
Answer- Here’s an article about different weaves that I borrowed from Wikipedia:

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