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Bamboo For Life Store offers Bamboo Luxury Sheets, Towels and Robes – Press Release Opens An Online Store Selling Bamboo Sheets, Towels and Bathrobes.

Affordable Bamboo Bedding is Available Online at Bamboo For Life. Check the Grand Opening Specials for Bamboo Sheets, Bamboo Towels and Bamboo Duvet Covers.

Bamboo Sheets And Bamboo Duvet Covers Are Now Available At The New Bamboo For Life Online Store.

Longmont, Colorado, September 17, 2012

Bamboo For Life announced today that it is now offering bamboo sheets, bamboo towels and bamboo duvet covers through it’s new on-line outlet. Bamboo sheets are softer, silkier and better for the environment than cotton. The store offers discounted pricing and free shipping in the continental United States. Bamboo bed and bath furnishings are the ecologic, affordable alternative to high end satin or silk linens. Consumers can appreciate the environmental advantages of bamboo rayon and may sleep better knowing that the world is a better place because they are getting a good night’s rest?

Store owner, Jim Morris says “Considering that people spend a third of their life in bed, why not sleep on linens that feel good?” Bamboo rayon has a better “hand” than the finest cotton. “Hand” is the descriptor of the way a fabric conforms to the body. Add the sensual silkiness of the fabric and the way that the fabric wicks moisture away and bamboo sheets just feel good to sleep on.

Currently most high quality bamboo sheets are priced similarly to high thread count Egyptian sheets and are much less expensive than silk. Due to the textile differences, bamboo, at a 250 thread count (TC), is softer and silkier than a 1000 TC Egyptian sheet. Bamboo sheets while less expensive than silk, have a similar sensuality. Plus bamboo is resistant to dust mites, is hypoallergenic and is naturally antiobiotic. So bamboo is the better choice in luxurious, sensual linens.

Bamboo towels, sheets and bamboo bathrobes are popular in the bed and breakfast industry. Bamboo towels wick water better than cottonThe luxurious sensuality that bamboo textiles offer pleases customers and keeps them coming back. The business owners know value when they see it.

Cotton is one of the most destructive crops to grow in the world. Twenty five percent of the total pesticide used is applied to the crop. In addition the fields are burned after harvest, leaving raw fields until the cycle starts over in the spring. Bamboo is harvested incrementally, so the bamboo forest remains to support wildlife and hold the soil. Plus, no herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer is used. The bamboo is organic and the fabric is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Our customers can sleep well, knowing the environment wasn’t destroyed to produce their bedding.

Bamboo For Life offers the highest quality, environmentally friendly products. Free shipping is included within the continental United States. Orders generally ship the same or the next day. Top notch customer service insures that every customer is satisfied with their order. For other ecologic bamboo products go to

Bamboo-For-Life offers bamboo sheets, towels, duvet covers, bathrobes and blankets as well as organic cotton towels and bathrobes. The price point is cheaper than silk and the fabric is more sensual than the finest cotton. Bamboo is good for the environment, is hypoallergenic, discourages dust mites, wicks away moisture and offers a luxurious sensuality that cotton can’t match. For a product that you are going to use for many years and will enhance the sensuality of sleeping, bamboo sheets and bedding is an obvious wise choice in bedroom furnishings.

Bamboo For Life specializes in the on-line sale of eco-friendly, bamboo sheets, towels, duvet covers and bathrobes. Our products are affordable and high quality. Our customer service insures that customers are satisfied with our products. Our goal is to make your life better and the earth a healthier place.


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Bamboo Sheets Press Release 11/30/12

Bamboo Sheets by BV added to Bedding Line

The addition of bamboo sheets by BV expand the color selection and product choice for customers. Bamboo duvet covers and bamboo shams by BV are also now available at the Bamboo For Life online store.

Longmont, Colorado ( November 30, 2012 — The store, Bamboo For Life, announced today that it is now offering BV bamboo sheets, towels, duvet covers and bamboo shams through its on-line outlet. The BV bamboo sheets and towels line adds new colors to the inventory. They are 300 thread count, which is of the highest quality. A 300 TC bamboo product is softer than a 1000 TC cotton fabric. The store offers discounted pricing and free shipping in the continental United States. These BV bamboo sheets are the ecologic and affordable alternative to silk or other high end  fabrics. Today’s consumers are aware of the environmental impact of the products they purchase. The environmental advantages of bamboo cultivation and fabric creation is much appreciated.

Store owner, Jim Morris, says, “When you consider that a person should spend a third of their life in bed, it makes sense to have a sleeping environment that is healthy and pleasurable. Bamboo bedding and bath towels are such an easy and inexpensive way to a more healthful living space.”
Bamboo bedding is comparable in sensual feel to silk and is more opulent and more durable than the highest thread count cotton. Bamboo sheets, though as luxurious as silk, are much less expensive. It’s priced in the same price range as other luxury sheets. This is part of the reason behind bamboo’s rising use in the luxury hotel and bed and breakfast industry.

Bamboo towels make use of the incredible absorbent quality of bamboo fabric. Bamboo towels are three times as absorbent as cotton! This fabric is a natural choice for sheets, towels and bathrobes. You get both the luxury of the soft, silky fabric and the greater absorbency of bamboo. The bamboo sheets wick the moisture away, adding to their comfort. Such a match!

Bamboo sheets and towels retain the natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the bamboo plant. In addition, the cloth is hypoallergenic and discourages dust mites. The cloth is so soft that it is recommended that perfumed laundry softeners not be used. This is one less thing to become reactive to.

Of interest to aware consumers is that bamboo is such a much preferred environmental choice. Cotton is a nasty plant to grow. Boll weevils love it, weeds compete with it. It sucks the nutrients from the soil and it takes a lot of acreage to grow. The farmer has to spray herbicide and insecticide and apply tons of fertilizer to the  fields to grow this crop. Twenty five percent of the herbicide produced is applied to the this crop. Bamboo doesn’t need herbicide or insecticide and generally it doesn’t need fertilizer. Plus, bamboo grows much more densely, so it takes up less land for the same amount of usable fiber.

Thinking of others! Bamboo farming contributes to a much friendlier biosphere for animals and insects. Where cotton fields are cut, burned and plowed under, every year, bamboo forests are sustainable. Due to the maturity cycle of bamboo, just the mature shoots are harvested. The bamboo forest and the immature shoots are left to grow another day! This means the animals, birds and insects that live in the bamboo environment aren’t left homeless on harvest day.

Bamboo For Life provides free shipping within the continental United States. Orders received by 12:00 MT generally ship the same or the next day. Personal customer service is as close as a phone call or email.

This store supplies bamboo sheets, bamboo duvet covers, bamboo towels,  bathrobes and blankets as well as organic cotton towels and bathrobes. The pricing of bamboo is more affordable than silk and similar to the cost of luxury cotton. Bamboo is durable, providing sensual service for many years. Bamboo bedding is an obvious choice for affordable luxury. It is such a deal! All this opulence, environmental goodness, health benefits and sensual pleasure is at a price that most can afford. Check out the store at:

Bamboo For Life specializes in providing eco-friendly, sensual bamboo sheets, towels, duvet covers and bathrobes. The products are of the highest quality and are affordable. Top-notch customer service comes with every purchase. The goal of Bamboo For Life,, is to increase life’s healthy pleasure and environmentally enhance the world we live in, at a price that everybody can afford.

By Jennifer Morris