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Hotel Furnishings

Less it be stated that we don’t serve our patrons, our team checked out the designs at the high-end hotels that were reserved for a trip. We just arrange stays in the best hotels, VIP has to indicate something, nowadays! Thus, while we were previewing the rooms, I checked those furnishings that might be of advantage to our guests? Primarily, since there isn’t really so much enthusiasm in hotel chairs and couches, we checked out the bedding.

What our people found was really intriguing. On the bamboo sheets review, where the visitors commented on their night’s rest, they wished to know what the sheets in the Antibes Hotel were made of. Our company checked our pre tour reports and then called the resort staff. Those bed sheets are made from bamboo material, 300 thread count, twill weave. They sourced them through an online company right here in the states, Bamboo For Life. They could be purchased online. When you buy sheets, let them know where you heard of them. Maybe they will offer me a discount?