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I LOVE bamboo rayon sheets

Kelly:  Thank you sooo much for all your help! I LOVE these bamboo rayuon sheets and will definitely be ordering from you again! I don’t think my mother in law has ever felt bamboo luxury sheets so I’m excited to see what she thinks 🙂 Thanks again

Jim:  Glad to be of assistance. Lucky mother-in-law. Would you mind if I included your note in testimonials?

Kelly: Oh great! I’ve actually been meaning to order some more items because we love the sheets! The plum color is perfect. Thanks again for all your help.

Kelly H. Louisville, Kentucky

This is a series of emails that I received from a past customer. She is happy with her purchase and wrote me to tell me about it. She is excited for her mother-in-law to sleep on the sheets, she hopes that she is happy with them. I’m happy, she’s happy!

These emails help a lot. They give me a feeling that I am of benefit to somebody. It makes my life better and makes me feel like I am contributing to others lives. This is a good thing, and I am happy to have received it.

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