Night Sweats – Bamboo Bedding

Here is a spontaneous testimonial that a customer sent me that explains how bamboo sheets help with night seats:
“Hello Jim,

As a breast cancer survivor I am unable to take hormone replacement therapy and must do what I can for the symptoms of menopause. I suffer miserably from night sweats and would wake up in a puddle with the high thread count cotton sheets. “Dr. Google” recommended bamboo sheets and since I’m not spending money on HRT, I thought what the heck and bought 2 sets.

I LOVE these sheets! They are so much cooler and have really helped with the night sweats. Unlike high count cotton sheets these don’t allow a puddle to form and are so much more comfortable and cooler. I’ve been able to sleep through the night without changing sheets and scraping the sweat off. Nothing else will suffice and no other sheets will be on the bed again!

Thank you for a great nights sleep!”




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