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Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets – Soft, Sensuous and So Sleepable!

Bamboo Bed Sheets Colors & Size

These luxury, comfortable bamboo  sheets are made of 100% bamboo, rayon viscose. They come in 9 colors and 7 sizes. Free shipping is included.  The plush softness of sensuous bamboo fabric is woven to accentuate the natural elegance . Bamboo Duvet Cover and Sheets There are less expensive ways to make bamboo bed sheets, that result in a lower price and a lower overall quality. You can also find marketing for bamboo bedding that are more expensive than ours, but are identical to the bamboo sheets that we offer on this site. We have worked to provide to our customers the best quality bamboo bedding at the most advantageous price.

These natural-luxury lifestyle sheets, of the softest, most sensuous, organic bamboo sheets, fabric, adjust to the temperature of your body through the night.  They have thermal regulating properties, helping you to sleep better and arise refreshed. With these thermal regulating properties, you will sleep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. As a bonus, you will find that these bamboo sheets are just the right temperature, not too cool, not too warm, when you get into bed.

Bamboo Bed Sheets Colors & Size

It took over two years of experimentation and testing, by the textile development team emphasizing quality, to determine the exact specification for the fabric and the construction methods to be used in the creation of these sheets. These sheets, made of bamboo,  are woven of 100% Bamboo Viscose Rayon, with durable  twill weave, at a density of 300 thread count, with smooth, durable box-stitch seams. Twill weave was chosen over bamboo sateen sheets, as the fabric is stronger and cheaper to weave. The fibers are woven so fine and round that they feel better than 1000+ thread count Pima cotton. We studied Malouf bamboo sheets and Aloha sheets and pure living bamboo sheets and determined that our bedding was both better and more affordable than the  aloha soft sheets and aloha bamboo sheets. Bamboo cotton sheets are a blending possibility that we studied and determined that the blend was not as durable, organic or comfortable as pure soft bamboo sheets.

This material and thread count was found to create a fabric that has the most enjoyable feel and hand. (Feel is the softness, the sensuousness of the fabric, hand is the way the fabric drapes over your body.) This fabric density, resulting in minimal shrinkage and an increased breath-ability, preserves the soft, natural silkiness of bamboo rayon sheets. These bamboo viscose sheets are Eco friendly and anti bacterial. You can wash these sheets in cold water and dry them on medium. Iron if you wish. These bamboo sheets get softer when you launder them. They are the ultimate in comfort, feeling like silky cashmere.

Are you looking for bamboo sheets, or maybe a bamboo sheet set. Bamboo bedding includes the best bamboo sheets and organic bamboo sheets. Bamboo cotton sheets are a poor choice as the cotton dilutes the bamboo rayon effect.

Luxury Bamboo Bedding

All of our bamboo bed sheets sets come with a bamboo fitted sheet, with 18” depth in the corners and the sides; a flat top sheet and pillowcases. Twin sizes come with one pillowcase and full size and larger sheet sets come with two pillowcases. Sheet sizes range from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King and Split King. All sheet sets come in nine colors. We provide bamboo sheets king and bamboo sheets queen size. The king size bamboo sheets fit your bed perfectly.  Also check the  California king size, an alternate size option.

These sophisticated, sensuous,   bamboo luxury sheets cradle you in comfort. The temperature regulating properties of the fabric, helps you sleep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.. The moisture wicking qualities are excellent for those experiencing night sweats. The bamboo viscose rayon fabric is perfect for individuals that have health issues such as eczema and allergies. These sensuous bamboo linen sheets are soft on your body with a smBamboo Pillowcases and sheets - 9 colorsooth, silky feel and hand.

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You can get bamboo sheets king or bamboo sheets queen. If you watch this site closely, you will find a bamboo sheet sale going on. We also have bamboo duvet cover and bamboo fiber sheets.

Bamboo Pillowcases Go With Bamboo bedding

Click the red buttons to choose your bed size and sheet color. You might add some extra pillowcases, or a duvet cover, in matching or contrasting colors?  Or, add some towels for your bathroom. Click the Checkout button when you have what you want. We will process your order quickly. If you have any questions about our products or have checkout issues, please feel free to call Jim at: (888) 224-9458 (cell). I am glad to help.Bamboo Duvet and Sheets - Cayenne and Champagne

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Bamboo Duvet, On Your Bamboo Bedding

These reversible bamboo duvet covers are a perfect balance of beauty and comfort. The bamboo linens have a subtle sheen and an innovative fashion forward sense, that provides the perfect accent to your bed. Bamboo duvet covers are designed with an accent stripe of the reversible color from the other side. The zipper runs at the foot of the duvet, invisibly protecting the duvet from allergens and dust mites.

These 100% bamboo viscose rayon duvets are thermal regulating and lightweight. They can be used by themselves in the summer or filled with a comforter in the winter providing a variety of fashion and warmth to your bed.

To cover your pillow you’ll need bamboo pillow cases. The king size bamboo sheets will do where bamboo bed sheets are desired. Get the best bamboo bed linens, here. Bamboo rayon sheets are the softest sheets.

What is 100% Bamboo Viscose Rayon? Glad you asked! All 100% bamboo fabric, regardless of manufacturer, are woven with bamboo viscose rayon. That is the process that is utilized to convert the bamboo plants into a silky, sensual textile.The eco-friendly bamboo is grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides and we do not treat our bamboo sourced bed sheets with formaldehyde to make them wrinkle resistant.

Bamboo Bed Sheets Colors & Size

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Laundry Instructions

Laundry Instructions

  • It’s best to wash your bamboo, luxury sheets in cold water
  • You can spray chlorine free spot remover on stains and then wash, normally
  • Dry on low heat and remove the sheets immediately
  • Fabric softener, dryer sheets and bleach aren’t recommended

Linens, made of bamboo, are best washed in cold water and tumble dried on low heat. This adds to the longevity of your bamboo linens. The fibers in cotton are shorter than the cotton fibers. So, washing bamboo fabric in hot water increases the likelihood of pilling.

Bamboo bedding is naturally anti-bacterial. You don’t need to use hot water to properly clean your linens. Neither do you need bleach or fabric softener. Fabric softener can leave a film on the fabric. Bamboo fabric is so soft, it’s not needed. If you have reason to want to get your sheets “extra clean”, wash them in warm water with some diluted chlorine free bleach.

When bamboo sheets are removed from the washer they might feel a bit stiff, like canvas fabric. That’s OK. After you dry the sheets in the dryer they will be as soft as ever, sensuous and sexy. When first run through the dryer some of the shorter bamboo fibers may be released, you’ll find them in your lint trap. That’s Ok, also, the sheets are just getting softer.

When you have slept on the sheets they may get some soft wrinkles in them. That’s because we don’t treat our bamboo fabric with formaldehyde, anti-wrinkle agent or with flame retardant chemicals, as some people are allergic to them. The wrinkles will come out “in the wash”.

If you dry your sheets on the clothes line or you weren’t able to remove them from the dryer right away, or the sheets are still a little damp, put them in the dryer on high heat for 5-10 minutes. That will get them smooth and wrinkle free.

If your sheets have a stain on them, you can spray non-chlorine, bleach free stain remover on the stain, wait a few minutes, and then wash as normal. Bamboo sheets Amazon is a common search term, but what you’ll get are these, or other bamboo sheet sets.

If you like to iron your linens, you’ll find that bamboo luxury sheets and pillowcases iron like a dream. You can use high heat and steam, if desired.

Bamboo blankets are best washed in a lingerie bag. If you find a snag in a blanket, just pull on the weave to stretch it back out, don’t cut it. With a bamboo towel, if you find a snag, just clip it off with sharp scissors.

Which Fabric is best?

Which Fabric is best

Bamboo bed sheets? Egyptian Cotton? 1200 thread count? There are a lot of options for the discerning bed linen buyer. Purchasing sheets means making a decision about what sheet fabric you want to sleep on. There are number of variables to consider. There is the original material, the thread count, the fiber count, the weave and the product quality to consider.

What material is best? Your choice of material for bedding is based on a number of factors. The common raw materials used for quality sheets are cotton, bamboo rayon sheets, silk and flax (linen). Each material has it’s advantages and disadvantages. We will briefly review each.

Cotton is the most common material for the production of sheets. The cheapest sheets are made of cotton. Cotton thread is spun from cotton fibers. The longer the fiber, the smoother and stronger is the thread. Egyptian cotton is a long fiber (staple) variety. By weaving with long fiber thread and higher thread count, cotton sheets can become very smooth. A problem with using cotton is that as generally grown and harvested, it is very hard on the environment.

Silk fabric is woven  from a material that is produced by silk worms (caterpillars). The material, a protein, is exuded by the caterpillar to produce a cocoon. The fabric, made from the cocoons, is very fine, expensive and somewhat delicate. Special care is recommended in laundering.

Flax is used to produce the fabric referred to as linen. It is an ancient, very durable fabric. It ‘s been discovered that linen was used as a fabric 30,000 years ago. To this day, sheets and towels are referred to as linens, even though they are generally made of cotton, silk or bamboo rayon.

Bamboo rayon is soft and smooth, similar to silk, but is much cheaper to produce, is more durable and easier to launder. Bamboo fabric is very durable, it launders well and gets softer after being laundered. The use of bamboo for rayon has tremendous environmental advantages over cotton farming. Bamboo agriculture is more environmentally friendly than cotton. Bamboo rayon produces a smooth mono-ply fiber which accounts for it’s silky feel. Due to the thread being much smoother, the woven bamboo sheets fabric is also smoother.

Bamboo is much more absorbent than cotton, meaning the fabric will absorb more moisture before it feels damp. The bamboo fabric, using the twill weave, has beautiful “hand”, the way the fabric drapes on your body. It’s not clingy, it just lies nicely. If you have issue with feeling hot at night, or have night sweats the bamboo fabric is perfect. The bamboo sheets sale is constant.  Our rayon sheets from bamboo  are always on sale.

Thread count is a common indicator of quality. Does higher thread count means better quality? Not always. The feel of a fabric also depends on the material; cotton, bamboo, silk, linen and on the weave. They all contribute different qualities to the overall feel of fabric.

About thread count; thread count (TC) used to be a pretty good indicator of a quality of a fabric. If a square inch of fabric has 75 threads running lengthwise (warp) and 75 threads running width wise, (weft) that’s a 150 TC. Thread count is the measure of how many threads are used in a square inch of fabric. If you use a thicker thread, you will get a lower thread count and a thicker, more coarse fabric. The higher the thread count, the smoother and lighter the fabric. If you wanted light, smooth bed sheets, you needed high thread count.

The highest the thread count could practically go, in the past, would be around 350 TC. For reference, muslin, a fabric generally considered a little rough, is a thread count of 150. Good quality sheets are generally woven at 180 TC, and any fabric over 200 TC is considered to be a better fabric.

Modern weaving techniques have boosted the possible thread count to around 1200. But, this isn’t accomplished by using finer single threads. The fabric is woven with either multi ply threads or by multi thread insertion. So, if a thread has 4 plies (fibers) and you weave 300 TC, 300 times 4 equals 1200 TC. Pretty tricky, Eh? That’s a great marketing tool if your customer doesn’t understand how the thread count is calculated. So, is a 300 TC weave using 4 ply thread, better than 300 TC using single ply thread? It depends on the material and on the weave.

Weave Types

Plain Weave, one thread up and one thread down, is the simplest and least expensive weave to produce. Percale is a plain weave.

Twill weaves are characterized by a diagonal line that runs across the fabric. This is due to one warp thread passing over/under 2 fill threads. The twill weave produces a nicer hand than a plain weave and is more durable than a sateen weave.. This is the weave used in our bamboo sheets.

Sateen weave uses a four threads up and 1 thread down weave, this gives a smoother finish, but is more vulnerable to snagging.

So, the higher the thread count the smoother the fabric, if it’s cotton. Bamboo, being a smoother thread does not benefit from higher thread count. Anything over 250 TC is going to feel great.

In my humble opinion, if you just want to cover a mattress, and save money, use cotton. If you want luxury, or have night sweats / heat issues or if you are interested in environmental quality, buy good quality bamboo linens. They will last for years and add a lot of pleasure to your night’s rest. Bamboo towels are a great value. Bamboo is much more absorbent than cotton, the towel fabric is soft and smooth. They launder well and last a long time. Why use cotton when you can have bamboo towels?

Bamboo For Life supplies sheets and pillowcases made of bamboo fabric with a twill weave. It’s the most comfortable “linen” you can sleep on.

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