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BV Bamboo Towels Colors & Size    PF Bamboo Towels Colors & Size Give yourself the treat of having thick, sensuous bamboo towels in your luxurious spa, your bath. These towels, wash cloths and hand towels have been designed with your comfort, luxury and your ecologic sensibilities in mind. They are of the best quality, bringing opulence and comfort into your home, for your family. Bamboo towels are incredibly absorbent, durable and soft on your skin. Bamboo towels are three times as absorbent as cotton. They are resistant to both mildew and bacteria. You can hang and reuse these towels with out any concern, about a mildew scent. Bamboo towels feel like a soft carress, as you dry from the bath, the hot tub or the shower. Life is short, enjoy your body, add this luxury to every day of your life, and that of your family. The Towel selection on the left, labeled “BV Bamboo Towels”  are sold by the piece; one bath  towel or two hand towels or four washcloths.  They come in 5 colors: Sage Green, Pure White, Ivory, Champagne and Indigo.  The Towel selection on the right, labelled “PF Bamboo Towels” , are sold as a set; one bath towel, one hand towel and one washcloth. They come in 9 different colors: Au Natural, Black, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Dreamy Blue, Ecru, Kiwi, Midnight Blue, Pure White, Purple, Red Tangerine, Sage Green and Slate. (Note the colors or styles between the two suppliers are not coordinated. If you want them to match, stick with one or the other.)

bamboo towels
Blue Towel Bundle – BV
Red Tangerine Bamboo Towels
Tangerine Bamboo Towel Set – Pure Fiber
Champagne Wash Cloths
Champagne Wash Cloths – BV
White Towel Bundle
White Towel Bundle – BV

BV Bamboo Towels Colors & Size    PF Bamboo Towels Colors & Size

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